Expandable Slamlock Gates

Our expandable steel trellis gates are suitable for any type of door and manufactured to size.

Our Trellis gates are available in 5 colors

As strong and safe as it gets with our innovative design and quality materials

Double vertical uprights with reinforcements
Slam lock with an additional deadlock
Double security pin
Fastened on all for sides of the gate opening

Practical and maintenance free

No plastic working parts
Hung using ball bearings ensures our gates open and close with ease
Galvanised gate tracks and a quality powder coat finish in one of five colors, ensure your security gates and burglar bars stay beautiful and rust-free

Trellis Burglar Proofing for Windows

Our window trellis burglar proofing is available in 5 colors

Trellis Sliders

Our window trellis sliders offer excellent versatility without compromising on strength and robustness. A top quality slam-lock combined with top and bottom steel tracks enables you to retract the 12×12 steel tube bars when window access is required. Choose from 5 colors and 4 different types of flights to suit your room style.

Fixed Window Trellis

As with the sliders, our fixed window trellis units offer excellent strength Made from 12×12 steel tube bars, a U-channel is secured onto the window reveal on all four sides. All uprights are pop-riveted into the top and bottom steel U-channels.

Choose from 4 types of flight styles for your sliding trellis gate, window slider or fixed window trellis


Conventional Burglar Proofing

12mm Steel Tube Burglar Bars

A strong, simple and affordable solution for aluminium or wood windows. Bars are riveted into aluminum frames and screwed into wooden frames.

Maintenance Free. Just give it a wipe from time to time to remove dust.
Designed specifically for wood or aluminium window frames
The simple design makes this type of burglar proofing very affordable.

16mm Steel Tube Burglar Bars

A high-end window security solution where additional strength is required.

Secured on 2 sides using sturdy coach screws on the window reveal brickwork.
Versatile as it can be installed on any opening where the bars can be secured onto a reveal, horisontally or vertically.
Maintenance Free. Just give it a wipe from time to time to remove dust.
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