Aluminium Windows & Doors

Double , Single & Stable Hinge Doors/ Icon & Palace Sliding Doors / Vistafolding Doors/ Bi-fold Doors/ Pivot Doors

Top & Side Hung Windows / Horisontal & Arched, Vistafolding Windows/ Pivot Window/ Tilt & Turn Window / Gable Windows

Building works: Removing existing units, fit new windows and plaster or, cut out existing steel windows/glass, frame remains in plaster, clip new window onto the replacement channels which is placed over the existing steel frame.

Before Breakout

After Breakout

The Following 4 steps shows the replacement channel option:

Garage Doors

6.38 Laminated S10 Silver Glass

Alu Cladding

More Designs Available

Vista Folding Doors

More extensive building works can be carried out by our “sister” company,
Highveld Projects CC

Registration # 1-110846921

Crating options available- Units in crates to be collected from our factory. Custom approved wooden crates.